Paragraph: School/College/University Library

School/College/University Library

A storehouse of knowledge A room or a building having a collection of books, periodicals etc. for the purpose of reading or selling or lending is called a library. A library can be seen to function in a college. In this manner we have a library in our college. It is the storehouse of knowledge and has great importance in respect of our learning and education. It is an inseparable part of our college. Our college library consists of three rooms. The biggest one has series of shelves with neatly arranged books, the second one is meant for reading and the third room is used as the librarian‘s room and office. In the reading room photos of the great scholars and poets have been hung on the wall. The library is well-lighted and airy. It has a large number of books on all disciplines to satisfy our requirement. Books can be borrowed by the students from the library. There are some books that are used only as reference books. They can be lent to anyone. During free hours students may use the library. There are about 10,000 books in our library. Every year new books are bought. It contains some rare books. It remains open from 8 A.M. to 5 P.M. except on holidays. In our college library, there are sufficient number of dailies and magazines including English magazines. Students go through these and know the current affairs inside and outside the country. Most of the students read fiction including science fiction and novels of the native famous writers. Some of them read world famous books written by renowned writers. In fact, all types of students can fulfil their desires of knowledge coming to this library and can cut an expected figure in the examination. Actually, our college library is a source of knowledge and great attraction for us and we are really proud of it.

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