Paragraph: A School Magazine

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A School Magazine

A school magazine is a literary journal of the school students. It is usually published annually. Like others, we have a school magazine. The title of our magazine is “Deep Shikha’’. It’s a A4 size colored annual magazine with extraordinary designed cover. Its get up is very nice. At first, a magazine committee is formed in a general meeting for the publication of the magazine. The Headmaster of the school is the president of the committee. He inspires us to submit our writing s. An English teacher is the adviser. The other members of the committee help him for the publication of the magazine. Th e magazine contains essays, articles, poems, feature, short stories, jokes, etc. both in English and Bengali. It also contains the message of the headmaster. Mainly students write for this magazine. Some teachers write also for it. All the students and the members of the committee do their best duties for the publication of the school magazine. It helps us to know more about literature.

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