Smart Bangladesh: Paragraph

Smart Bangladesh

Smart Bangladesh paragraph for class 7,8 Smart Bangladesh is a vision of the Government of Bangladesh to make the country more advanced and sustainable by using technology. It is based on the Digital Bangladesh initiative, which started in 2009 to increase the use of digital services and devices in the country. Smart Bangladesh aims to … Read more

Metro Rail : Paragraph

Metro Rail

Metro rail Metro rail is a new and modern mode of transportation that aims to reduce the traffic congestion and pollution in Dhaka, the capital city. The metro rail system consists of six planned lines, with the first section of MRT Line 6 starting its commercial operation on 29 December 2022. The metro rail is … Read more

Importance of Learning English – Paragraph

Learning English is a valuable skill that has many benefits in today’s globalized world. English is widely recognized as the international language of business and commerce, making it an essential tool for those looking to succeed in the professional world. It is the language of international trade, diplomacy, and air traffic control. Knowing English allows … Read more

Paragraph: Village Doctor

Paragraph village doctor

Paragraph Writing Village Doctor A person who treats the poor villagers is a village doctor. He is a familiar and prominent figure in the village. A village doctor gives treatment to the village patients. He has a great demand in the village. He is generally a quack. He does not know much about medicine. He … Read more

Arsenic Pollution : Paragraph

Paragraph Arsenic Pollution

Paragraph Writing Arsenic Pollution Arsenic pollution in Bangladesh is a major environmental and public health concern. The country has high levels of naturally occurring arsenic in its groundwater, which is the primary source of drinking water for millions of people. The widespread use of shallow tube wells for drinking water in the 1970s and 1980s, … Read more

Paragraph: Dowry System

Paragraph Dowry System

Paragraph Writing Dowry System The dowry system in Bangladesh is a traditional practice where the bride’s family is expected to provide a set of gifts, money and property to the groom’s family as a condition for marriage. This practice is deeply ingrained in the culture and is considered an essential aspect of a traditional wedding. … Read more

Tree Plantation : Paragraph

Paragraph Tree Plantation

Paragraph Writing Tree Plantation Tree plantation means the process of planting trees. Now a days it has become a social movement in our country. Trees are a great boon to us. They are related with our life and well-being. The boons and benefits derived from them are too many to count. Trees provide us shelter, … Read more

Paragraph: Internet

Paragraph Internet

Paragraph Writing Internet Internet is a computerized network of information. It is the greatest invention in the communication system. It is the world wide network of computer. Its uses and functions are smooth, easy and rapid. A students who knows just the keys of computer, can communicate anywhere he wishes. Internet communication is now the … Read more

Paragraph: Environment Pollution

Paragraph Environment Pollution

Paragraph Writing Environment Pollution All the ingredients that we have around us are jointly known as environment. Environment pollution implies the contamination of the surroundings. Any abnormal change of environment in chemical, physical and biological characteristics in environment is called environment pollution. Environment is the whole system of our existence. Our environment is becoming polluted … Read more

Paragraph: A Hobby

Paragraph A Hobby

Paragraph Writing A Hobby আপনি এ গুলোও খুজে থাকতে পারেনঃ A Hobby My Favourite Hobby My Hobby Paragraph: Gardening My hobby is reading. I read story books, magazines, newspapers and any kind of material that I find interesting. This hobby got started when I was a little boy. I had always wanted my parents to … Read more